yet another great novel

another great novel by js lee! tackling racism, sexism, queerphobia, and a plethora of marginalized stereotypes in her usual style from a transracial adoptee’s perspective (a perspective far too often silenced and/or overlooked in society) js lee tells us of three women dealing with their trauma in small town america after being the only survivors in a terribly tragedy in their home town. her characters are detailed enough to feel like you actually know them and just broad enough to ‘match’ them to just about anyone you can think of in your life… to me, that makes her stories all the more intriguing and engrossing. her style almost tells several stories intertwined and i feel that’s important as most of her work also involves bringing attention to the intersectionalities of racism and trauma… it allows her stories to be read over and over again on several different levels and points in your own personal healing journey. on a personal note, this particular book had a whodunit twist to it and i found that to be a pleasing variety without focusing too much on the mystery itself… rather the mystery wrapped around to help narrate her story as opposed to the story being about the crime itself. —the howling tiger