This is my 90210 from a tilted angle

I can absolutely relate to this book. This my 90210, this is my Dawson’s Creek, that i was never able to relate to growing up because I saw the world from a tilted angle. I’m also an asian girl and i was raised with alot of violence surrounding me having left a country in chaos with a military family, only to return much older to see my uncle murdered resulting in my PTSD. JS Lee gets it, whatever it is that i feel. She sees the world from a tilted angle. Breaking the glass ceiling of the American Dream and reimagining it, re-ording in perhaps non-traditional way to some but what part of shattered glass has no rough edges? She screams out, she rebels. She takes you to where the aching feeling is and forces you to look at it and yourself. Plus she’s the hot asian barbie rocker that i wish i had to look up to growing up! But it’s never too late! There is surprising resilience and humor in this book that shows true strength in character. Read It Wasn’t Love no matter who you are, it’s Important. —mgeo