This is an important book

If you haven’t been exposed to writing by JS Lee before, you’re doing yourself a disservice. She challenges the reader to look internally whether it is a blog post or a novel such as Everyone Was Falling. You will (hopefully) walk away with greater insight and humility if you allow yourself to put down the defenses.

This book brings together so many truly important stories with compelling characters that should be recognizable to most readers. Women of color will see strong, yet incredibly burdened main characters, which feels consistent with a reality that white society is failing to SEE and the intersection with queer identities and the adoptee community…it’s a powerful combination of topics.

The way she has presented the storylines of the main characters and their interactions with multiple white friends and family who, perhaps well intentioned for the most part, come to a major disconnect…it resonates deeply. We are at a crossroads in society with people who are trying so hard to force their ‘good intentions’ on others. Major recommendation here for those of us in the ‘ally’ segment to read more books that give a strong voice to those who matter most in the conversation. There is always room to listen. JS Lee has some fantastic things to say. —M Kirk