So many important questions

A compelling story, an ending I didn’t expect, a main character I really liked. Most importantly the book asked so many important questions – How understanding do we need to be of people who don’t want to understand us? Why do some people get to spew their anger all over everyone while others are supposed to be full of love and peace? Is it o.k. to walk away from people, even the ones society says you are obligated to forever? How do we navigate the fact that everyone, even really problematic people, have suffered because of the systems we all live within while still holding people accountable and acknowledging that some people have more power than others? What do you do with trauma? Can you use it? When does that cross over into exploiting it? How much of ourselves and our short lives must we sacrifice to fighting? When is it o.k. to just live your life without taking on hundreds (or even thousands) of years of violence and oppression? Can we not rest until everyone has the option? – In short, the book asks a lot of questions many of us are struggling with as we figure out how to get to something better. —Broadsnark