Rewarding and entertaining! Highly recommended!

Although this book is by an author practically no one has heard of yet, because she is local to me, I was lucky enough to pick up her first book and I liked it so much, I decided to preorder her next. I’m so glad I did, because this is a delightful work I wish to recommend to everyone.Told from the point of view of a cat, it’s the story of a creature who is at the mercy of humans and ends up living in many different homes throughout his life. He is lucky that in most of his homes, he is well-cared for and loved, but he also learns to understand that it is not that way for everyone. In this way, he develops a heroic empathy for others that ends up affecting profound changes in the world around him.

This cat’s story is really an allegory for adoption and outsiderness. Throughout the book, he encounters human adoptees and the ways that their struggles are similar to his own. He wishes for his people to have love, to experience acceptance, and for them to stay together rather than being displaced as he so often is. It’s really a very delightful and touching story that serves as a mirror to human struggles to build families, and how easy it is to accidentally allow pieces to slip through the cracks. It’s also a very sweet book, and a much lighter but equally as satisfying work than the author’s last one, which I also recommend.  —Melissa