Realistic, authentic, genuine.

One of the best adoptee related books I have ever read. Why? Because the adoptee POV is realistic, authentic, genuine. It reflects why adoptee written stories matter.

The childhood aspects (mother-daughter dynamic) resonated quite a bit, touching on a lot of feelings I have had as a transracial adoptee. Some of the broader issues discussed in Keurium were ones I haven’t really seen in other books, fiction and non-fiction alike. Being adopted into a certain amount of wealth was an issue I was happy to see being shown. That aspect has had a profound impact in my life as an adoptee and it’s one I think is incredibly difficult to talk about.

Keurium not only brings a truthful adoptee voice to light, it also has a wonderful blend of humor and sadness intertwined into the story. The vignettes were an added bonus for me-I read the book in one sitting, unable to put it down. I laughed, I cried, I connected with the story in ways that were unexpected. Just an exceptional book in every way. —M.K.