One of my favorite books, if not THE favorite, by JS Lee

‘Keurium’ is an honest and unflinching narrative of a KAD (Korean Adoptee) woman’s journey through the multifaceted trials of being a survivor on so many levels. JS Lee takes us into the catatonic Shay’s memories and recollections of her struggles in dealing with racism, sexual assault, placement into an abusive family, and everyday battles of simply growing up as ‘other’. She has a beautiful and simplistic way of weaving all of this together in a relatable story that isn’t afraid to really dig into some of the darker questions and glossed over realities on living under her family’s savior complex and narcissism, in addition to being a survivor of sexual abuse and assault. The connection to Shay’s story is strengthened by being told in the first person perspective and guides us through the twists and turns of self realization and emotional awareness and growth and healing. Readers will undoubtedly be touched by Shay’s journey, if not relate to much of it themselves; from her moments of fragile spirit and questioning her own sanity, to finding her voice and her inner strength in dealing with a seemingly neverending uphill battle of establishing her self worth and owning her past in order to grow and push on. Truly a wonderful and heartfelt novel! I dare say this is my favorite book by JS Lee to date and I highly recommend it for anyone who finds beauty in the will to survive and love. —The Howling Tiger