Must read! Especially for those with ties to transracial and intercountry adoption!

Keurium is the first novel that has accurately mirrored many of the similar struggles as an intercountry adoptee. A close friend gifted me a copy of this knowing I had been hospitalized with some serious heart issues a few months back. Being close in age to the main character in Keurium, I connected with so much of her feelings towards her own story. Although it is heartbreaking, Keurium brings understanding to those who struggle with their happiness and feel the ongoing result of their early traumas. Keurium allowed me to validate my pre and post-adoption trauma as well as the contribution this trauma has had to me weakening heart. Emotional and physical health are so often interrelated.

Aside from adoption, I found Keurium extremely resonating in addressing multiple complicated family dynamics and secrecy; a norm for the American family.

Thank you JS Lee for your honesty in creating a story of the real adoptee experience. —hp12101