Important and Poignant adoptee written story

“Having a good mother isn’t lucky. It’s a birthright.” Hit to the gut and written as only a fellow adoptee can, Keurium by JS Lee is a MUST read. I consumed this adoptee written novel in one weekend of traveling. I was mesmerized by the world of the book, although not in any comfortable or “feel good” way. In fact, quite the opposite. Especially striking are some threads of near universal hallmarks of the inner life of adoptees strung throughout the very unique circumstances of THIS particular story of life as lived through adoption. The main character, Shay, swings a catatonia/compliance pendulum as she not only navigates life as an adoptee and life in genetic isolation, but also the horrors of growing up in a home beset with abuse and narcissism. This book is beautifully written, affirming, hopeful, and healing. I was especially intrigued by themes of being raised not only in genetic isolation, but racial isolation as well. I want more opportunities to listen to these stories from intercountry adoptees and to see where our domestic and intercountry adoption experiences intersect and where they differ. —R. Dragon