I admire her bravery, and a brilliant look into rape, adoption, a lost sense of self, and identity

Raw emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy, worry, can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Jessica Sun Lee brings that together in an honest, sincere book. I admire her bravery and a brilliant look into rape, abandonment, adoption, a lost sense of self, and identity. I was profoundly touched by her experiences, which are very relatable to my own life experiences. There’s no way to achieve character evolution without turning the mirror on not only your characters but also on yourself as the writer. If you do not know the person who is looking in the mirror, how are you going to know yourself when you see yourself? Who are you? We ask the mirror, ourselves in the mirror. Those who are wise beyond their years are a bit of an enigma. They are young, but have an old soul. JS Lee is one of those people…The part which remains a mystery is there to keep us searching, for the aim is not to find, but to keep seeking. Many people fear facing their real pain, because it may unravel them. For anyone with deep pain, this book may inspire them..I look forward to the other two books that she is releasing this year as I await their release. —Chun Sae Min