Beautiful and important

I bought this book right before my brain screeched to a halt in my daily devouring of adoption material. I had been reading anything I could get my hands on – especially if it was written by an adoptee. I bought Keurium while I was reading and my heart had to take a break, so this book sat on my night stand waiting to be opened for months. When I decided I was ready, I began reading and did not stop for 2 days. Keurium is so beautifully written, with small sections that allowed my heart space to take it in without being overwhelmed. I loved the way the author was able to address some universal themes of being adopted as well as what it means to be raised by a toxic family while weaving in a sweet love story not only between the narrator and her partner, but about learning how to love and care for herself. I’m sorry it took me so long to open the pages but am so very glad I finally did. —Rachel K