A powerful book for our times!

I read JS Lee’s wonderful book slowly. I did not want it to end. As with her previous books, I feel in love with the protagonist inmediately and wanted to enjoy her story longer. Problem was that the story was fascinating and I also wanted to see it unfold! All of JS Lee’s characters are vivid, real and many are very relatable. The last conversation between Lucy and Christy was like dejà vu. So many of the conversations felt familiar. I loved every page, every chapter, every word. It is a powerful, progressive, smart, witty book with a lot of heart. The end is incredibly satisfying, so moving, so lovely! JS Lee is a gifted writer. She is very visual in her descriptions of scenes and events and at the same same time so poetic in the ways she writes about her character’s emotions. The books also had the kind of sense of humor I love too. One final little detail I so enjoyed were the witty titles of every chapter. And perhaps a superficial thing but the dust cover and the cover of the book match! The same gorgeous image is shown twice to be enjoyed and that is not common at all! Do not miss this jewel! —Claudia