A compelling story that weaves together so many important themes

Once I started reading J.S. Lee’s “Everyone Was Falling,” I couldn’t put it down! It is such a compelling story, that weaves together so many important themes from gun violence, to racism, homophobia, trauma, adoption, and more. As a queer survivor, I found myself connecting to so many parts of the book, while also gaining insight and understanding from others. I also found myself caring so much for the central character, Lucy. It’s challenging to find stories centered on the aftermath of trauma, that aren’t wrapped up neatly in an unrealistic bow. J.S. Lee paints a more dynamic story of healing and moving forward, which was very validating. Lastly, while not shying away from difficult topics and conversations, “Everyone Was Falling” is also filled with light and hope, which I also appreciated. I definitely recommend this book! —Jennifer