“A gripping look at racism, homophobia, adoption, and trauma … EVERYONE WAS FALLING is as much of a social justice primer as it is a novel; it challenges readers to see the world from a different perspective.”
Ally Henny

#Adoption; #Trauma; #Racism; #GunViolence; #LGBT+

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Since a young child growing up in a White family and community, JS LEE has sought refuge through art, music, and storytelling. Through her work, she examines trauma survival, transracial adoption, the ill effects of racial isolation, and intersecting marginalization.

LEE is the author of the novels “Everyone Was Falling”, “Keurium” and “An Ode to the Humans Who’ve Loved and Left Me”, author and illustrator of the latter’s corresponding children’s books “For All the Lives I’ve Loved and Lived” and “For All the Friends I’ve Found”, and the memoir “It Wasn’t Love”. Her essays and op-eds have appeared in Yes! Magazine, Health.com, and more. She currently lives in California.

“The most powerful weapon for we women of color is truth. Go out and tell truth. Everywhere.”
—Yuri Kochiyama